Experts Draw Analogy Between The War In Ukraine And The Potential Of War In Taiwan

Martha MacCallum, the host of Fox News ‘The Story’, asked these experts what China could be hatching behind the scenes and what the economic and political repercussions of a Taiwan invasion could be on the world. The tension between China and Taiwan can be traced back to the 1940s, with both sides claiming to be the legitimate government of China.

Located off the east coast of China, Taiwan has emerged in recent years as a technological “powerhouse” with a dominant position in manufacturing high-end semiconductors, says China expert Gordon Chang. “We have to make it clear to China that it would be prohibitively costly for them economically and militarily to invade Taiwan,” Dan Hoffman, former CIA officer added. In that light, the CCP’s occupation of Taiwan could spark unprecedented global economic fallout in the technology supply chains. Given the fact that China relies heavily on Taiwan for its economic growth, the stake of a conflict with Taiwan is high.

“Taiwan is also a vibrant democracy, that’s a threat to China,” Chang explained, “There’s also a strategic goal: they want to control the South China Sea, and controlling Taiwan would enable them to do that.” Despite its emotional and duplicitous pleas of “reunifying” China, the regime never really renounces the use of force against its independent neighbour. One thing is for sure if communist China cannot take Taiwan peacefully it will have absolutely no problem taking its so-called friendly neighbour by force, this is the total hypocrisy of the brutal totalitarian regime. As far as the CCP is concerned you either agree with their terms or you become an enemy of the regime. Together we must fight against such a tyrannical, brutal, authoritarian dictatorship, if we give them an inch today they will take a mile tomorrow.


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