Russia Is Paving the Way for the CCP to Act as a Mediator, and the CCP Says There Is No Limit to Cooperation

Recently, the relationship between Russia and the CCP has become closer, and according to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast on March 23, he broke the news that the CCP is likely to become the mediator of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and finally be identified as the culprit.

On March 28, local time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who was about to arrive in the CCP for a meeting with Wang Yi, first said that the EU is completely incapable of being a guarantor for resolving conflicts. Although at the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CCP on March 30, Wang Wenbin did not directly answer whether to serve as a guarantor. On the contrary, Wang Yi stated early on March 7 that the CCP will participate in mediation when the time is right.

After the meeting between Wang Yi and Lavrov on March 30, Lavrov said that Russia and the CCP are willing to expand cooperation to deal with so-called international challenges. And Wang Wenbin emphasized again in the press conference that day that there is no upper limit to the collusion between the CCP and Russia (the original sentence is cooperation). When the reporter asked if he would condemn Russia, Wang Wenbin said impatiently that the topic had fallen behind the situation, so he declined to comment.

However, just the day before, Zhong Sheng of the CCP’s official People’s Daily published an article condemning the United States for taking unshirkable responsibility for the Ukraine crisis.

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