A Summary Of Recent News On The Russian-Ukrainian War

While Russian continued shelling of Kharkiv, Ukraine through April 1, Russian forces are assembling units that have been withdrawn from other fronts, and to form strike groups that will be used to intensify attacks on the Izyum area.

Sources say the Russians may intend to advance southeast from their existing locations around Izyum to merge with their forces advancing west from the Luhansk region. Analysts noted that while the Russian forces’ mobilization from all sides may be of very limited use in the near term, this move could create further issues in commanding and coordination for Russian forces.

On the other hand, in the city of Mariupol, Russian Wagner mercenaries and GRU special forces are still engaging heavy firefights with the Ukrainian defenders there. Among them, a Ukrainian transport helicopter was shot down by Russian forces in Rybatesk and its surrounding area, visible bandage marks were noticed on killed men. For this reason, sources believe that the transport aircraft may be on a mission of transporting the casualties at the time.

Aussie Brief News

Aussie Brief News

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