Biden’s Words About Putin’s Resignation Is An Expression Of Inner Justice And Anger

According to foreign media reports, US President Biden said on March 28 that in his speech in Poland on the 26th, he said that Putin should not continue to be in power, expressing the righteous anger in his heart, and refused to apologize for it.

It is reported that on the 26th, at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland, Biden delivered a major speech on the Russian aggression against Ukraine, saying that “this person cannot continue to be in power”, obviously alluding to Putin. Although the White House later clarified that Biden was not discussing Putin’s regime change, Biden said on the 28th that his remarks were an expression of anger at Putin’s brutal actions, not a declaration of policy change, and he was not sorry for what he said.

Biden explained that his remarks about Putin were in dialogue with the Russian people and conveyed to the world his view that Putin’s actions were completely unacceptable. Biden also hinted that Putin should not continue to lead the Russian government.

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