Abramovich and Ukrainian Negotiators ‘Show Symptoms of Poisoning’ After Talked with Russia

Sky News reported on March 28, 2022 that both Russian oligarch Abramovich and Ukrainian negotiators had symptoms of suspected “chemical weapons” poisoning.

According to the investigative website Bellingcat: “Bellingcat can confirm that three members of the delegation to the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia on the night of March 3-4, 2022, developed symptoms consistent with chemical weapons poisoning. One of the victims was a Russian Entrepreneur Abramovich.”

In a series of tweets, Bellingcat added more details, “Abramovich and another Russian entrepreneur participated in negotiations with Ukrainian MP Umerov. Negotiations on the afternoon of March 3 took place on Ukrainian soil, And it continued until around 10 p.m. Three members of the negotiating team experienced initial symptoms later that night, including eye and skin irritation and stinging eyes, which did not subside until the morning. Based on remote and on-site inspections, experts concluded “These symptoms are likely the result of unidentified chemical weapon poisoning. Another unlikely hypothesis is the use of microwave irradiation. “ Abramovich and two other senior members of the Ukrainian team experienced symptoms including red eyes, persistent and painful tearing, and peeling skin on the face and hands, The Wall Street Journal reported.

At present, the health of the three, including Crimean politician Umerov, has improved and their lives are not in danger.

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