The U.S. Energy Secretary says Russia-Ukraine War Leads to Clean Energy Independence

Granholm, the U.S. Energy Secretary, says that the Russia-Ukraine war will serve as an ideal opportunity to encourage all countries to develop clean and renewable energy and gradually move away from dependence on traditional energy sources.

Nowadays, the world’s energy crisis is significantly aggravated by the Russia-Ukraine war, and Russia holds Europe and even the whole world hostage with its plentiful supply of resources such as oil and natural gas. Granholm said national confidence should not continue to be built on the fossil-fuel market, but instead use the Russia-Ukraine war to achieve its goal of clean energy independence, reducing people’s pain of waiting at the pump and safeguarding them against the incredible volatility in the energy market.

She added that U.S is on a wartime footing, and the Biden Administration proposes a two-step solution in response to an uncontrolled energy market. In addition to releasing large amounts of oil from its strategic petroleum reserves, the Defense Production Act is also invoked to promote the building of electric vehicle batteries in the U.S. On top of that, the Weatherization Assistance Program will distribute $3.2 billion to the states to reduce energy over-consumption and invest in technologies that decarbonize the fossil fuel industry. Clean energy independence has become a medium-to-long-term strategy for the United States.

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