The U.S. Closely Watching Communist China’s Dynamics with Taiwan Amid Ukraine War

It was reported on April 2 that there is growing concern about whether Communist China will take military action against Taiwan when the world is focusing on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Rick Waters, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for China, Taiwan, and Mongolia in the Bureau of East Asia and Pacific Affairs, said the U.S. focuses on the “no limits” friendship between China and Russia declared by Xi Jinping on February 4. The U.S. wants to know if Communist China does anything to “go beyond” this statement. The U.S. had many diplomatic efforts recently, including Biden’s meeting with Xi, to clearly express their concerns about this topic.

The U.S. military also maintains close attention and is alert to China’s military developments. Adm. John C. Aquilino, the U.S. Indo-Pacific commander, said Communist China’s military and diplomatic threats and oppression against Taiwan have become more severe since 2016. Aquilino pointed out that the first lesson from the Ukraine war is: the fight can happen, and the second lesson is: don’t stay comfortable with the status quo and always be prepared.

Attacking and ruling Taiwan by force, cutting off the chip supply to the U.S., replacing the U.S. dollar with the RMB, and destroying the U.S. economy are the CCP’s goals at present. Taiwan is in extreme danger of facing a military strike by Communist China at any time.

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