Shanghai Officially Announces “City-Wide Static Management” and Enters a Substantial State of Lockdown

During the night on March 30th, Shanghai municipality announced the immediate adoption of comprehensive prevention and control measures such as city-wide static management, full nucleic acid screening, comprehensive epidemic investigation, comprehensive cleaning and disinfection to achieve “target zero infection” in Shanghai.

Li Qiang, secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Shanghai Municipal Committee, stressed at the city’s temporary leading cadres meeting, held on the evening of the 30th, that during the new round of comprehensive nucleic acid screening, “people should not move or leave their homes.” These rules should be strictly implemented to ensure that “no household is missed, no one is left behind.” This means that Shanghai has entered a substantial and complete lockdown.

With the CCP virus pandemic spiraling out of control, Shanghai authorities who previously insisted they would not seal off the city, began to gradually raise the level of prevention and control. The measures gradually escalated from blocking off some neighborhoods to partial traffic control, and eventually to the current static management of the entire city.

Analysts believe that the current outbreak in Shanghai is a result of the internal struggles and conflicts of the CCP. However, it is always the ordinary people who suffer the cost and pain of the lockdown.

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