Former CCP Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua Dismissed From the Party and Public Office

On March 31, local time, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) website issued an announcement that Fu Zhenghua, former justice minister was dismissed from the Party and public office. The announcement said he had lost his “party spirit and principles”, colluded with Sun Lijun, the former vice-minister of public security, and caused a very bad impact on the centralization of the CCP.

Fu’s crimes include: never being truly loyal to the CCP and the people; completely abandoning his ideals and beliefs and doing everything necessary to achieve personal political goals; making friends with a number of political liars; made insidious comments about the CCP’s major policies and directions; violated the regulations regarding the possession and carrying of firearms; indulging in a decadent lifestyle and engaging in superstitious activities; traded power for personal gain and accepted huge amounts of bribes and so on.

In summary, Fu’s crimes seem to be something that all senior Communist Party officials engage in. Analysts said that as one of the key figures in Miles’s early revelations, Fu was once extremely powerful, but once he lost power in the CCP’s extremely cruel political struggle, he became a vicious prisoner. Under the CCP’s dictatorial system, Fu’s fate will be the fate of all senior CCP officials.

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