Volkswagen Factories in Shanghai and Changchun Halted Production, Exacerbating Communist China’s Manufacture Woes

As reported by on April 1, a spokesperson of Volkswagen said the company’s factory in Changchun will be closed until April 5, while its factory in Shanghai will also halt production from April 1 to 5.As a source related to FAW-Volkswagen indicated, when the factory in Changchun will resume production is still uncertain, as the factory won’t resume production before April 5, and the situation remains undecided after this date.

According to sales data in 2021, FAW-Volkswagen is the best-selling auto company in China, with sales of more than 1.85 million vehicles; SAIC-Volkswagen (Shanghai Volkswagen) ranks fourth among automakers with 12.42 million vehicles sold throughout the year. The CCP virus (Covid) has led to the global economic downturn.

Now that Volkswagen has announced a temporary halting of production in Changchun and Shanghai factories, the impact on the entire supply chain and supporting industries (including German suppliers) will gradually manifest. The direct cause of the factory shutdowns is city lockdowns under the pandemic, and this has added to the woes of the already fragile manufacturing sector in Communist China.

In addition, Germany is also one of the European countries that have close relationship with the Chinese Communist Party in the past few decades. Mr. Miles Guo mentioned Germany several times: Angela Merkel is absolutely a communist, and she has brought Germany onto a path of no return for the next 200 years.

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