The NFSC Will Eliminate the Chinese Communist Party

According to a report on March 26th, by Spanish media Republica, the huge tent deployed by the New Federal State of China (NFSC) in Poland-Medyka, has become the warmest shelter for Ukrainian refugees. The large white tent in Medyka reportedly attracts everyone’s attention because of its comfort, practicality, high end and modern appearance. The coffee is first rate freshly ground and the Wi-Fi helps ease the minds of refugees from Putin’s crimes against the Ukrainian people.

Republica also emphasized that the heroes supporting this humanitarian relief operation are the Chinese from NFSC. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the source of all evils. The specter of communism has killed countless lives in different parts of the world, hence, the CCP and Russia’s conspiracy must be cast aside by the world.

The rescue operation of the NFSC on the Polish frontline is being recognized by the world, and its influence is changing at a qualitative rate. The justice of the Rule of Law Foundation and the society has also inspired the world’s righteous people to cooperate with NFSC. The elimination of the CCP is coming!

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