Righteous Message And Coffee Refreshment Draw Growing Attention At The Ukarine-Poland Border

On March 30, during the live broadcast of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) Ukraine Relief Operation, our front-line fellows share their latest experiences at the Relief Tent.They noticed that more and more relief workers from other agencies who came from different parts of the world come to visit our tents on their own. They were interested to learn about the NFSC and the Rule of Law Foundation. The words “Take down the Chinese Communist Party” on each of our fellow’s have caught their attentions and make these visitors more interested in our relief works.

These visitors show great respect and appreciate the efforts as well as the well-equipped amenities provided by our fellow fighters at the relief site. One amenity that particularly stand outs was Miles Guo’s brilliant idea of the freshly-brewed coffee machine, which has provided a lot of pleasure for the visitors.

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