Ukraine Claims “Proof” of Russia Using Cluster Bombs

It was reported on the March 29, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova said that Ukraine has proof that Russian forces have used banned cluster bombs in the regions of Odessa and Kherson in southern Ukraine.

Journalists are collecting evidence that will be used in future to expose the use of cluster bombs and other prohibited weapons by the Russian army. So far, Prosecutor General has obtained some concrete proof, such as bomb fragments and the results of analysis of soil samples. It is understood that cluster bombs have a large killing range and can strike multiple targets at the same time, which is extremely harmful, and some munitions may not explode immediately and they will still pose threats to civilians many years after the end of the conflict. Therefore, cluster bombs have been banned by many countries.

In addition, Odessa is a large Ukrainian port city on the Black Sea, where Russian forces have not been able to make any progress in advancing into the city. Kherson, on the other hand, is the only major city conquered by Russian forces after the invasion, and Ukrainian forces are currently fighting to take it back.

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