Miles Guo: Restoring the Polluted Lands and Rivers in China

In the Live Broadcast on March 27th, a fellow fighter brought up a topic that 70 years after the Chinese Communist Party took over, the beautiful landscape of China has completely been ruined including mountains and rivers. Soil pollution, air pollution, and water pollution were extremely serious. Even after taking down the CCP, solving the environmental issues is going to be very challenging.

Miles Guo shared that he has the same deep concerns on China’s environmental issues, which has often made him sad and felt very pessimistic about the issues at one point. Miles said, recently after he got into meetings and discussions regarding the environmental management and listening to many suggestions from experts, he is gaining much more confidence. A member of the Chopin family told Miles Guo that the most crucial solution to the pollution is to solve the problem from chemical fertilizer use, and find a solution to ensure the food supply for the Chinese people.

Among the suggestions, Israel’s scientific and natural farming methods are a good choice which can be adopted in China. Miles further shared that one of his friends, who is also Jason Miller’s friend, is an expert in this field. He indicated that he could offer free help for Chinese people by improving the polluted land and air with one condition that he only entrusts the New Federal State of China to make his method to the public.

The methods that Miles has acknowledged were also highly agreed by our fellow fighter experts who are in the Communist China. With the solutions that Miles has received, he said that he has become more optimistic and confident in solving environmental problems in China.

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