The Striking Slogan of the Yellow Rescue Vest Distinguish the New Chinese From the CCP

In the grand live broadcast on March 27, Miles Guo and his fellow fighters in the Ukrainian rescue frontline broadcasted live through video connection.

Ming Dao informed the fellow fighters around the world that the yellow vests the volunteers wears on the frontline were designed by Miles Guo, with the English slogan “Take Down the Chinese Communist Party” on the front and “We are the NEW CHINESE who are taking down the EVIL Chinese Communist Party” on the back. Such slogans clearly tell the world that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) is an organization to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the clear and firm stand has won praise from media, journalists and volunteers from all over the world.

In the broadcast, the fellow fighters in the rescue frontline also shared the changes after wearing the new version of the vest. Before wearing such a vest, reporters, international organizations and groups at the rescue scene saw their yellow-skinned faces, thought it was an organization sent by the CCP, and did not dare to approach or even express disgust. After putting on such a vest, the media, freelance journalists and volunteers from other groups at the rescue scene saw these slogans and not only expressed their approval and appreciation, but also requested to photograph the slogans on their back.

As everyone knows, the CCP is the financier behind Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As a result, people in other countries in the world will think that the Chinese supported the war. They can’t distinguish CCP and the Chinese, and have only resentment against the Chinese.

When the people of NFSC came to the frontline of Ukraine to rescue, they clearly told the world that the Chinse are kind, just and peace loving. The CCP is not equal to the Chinese.

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