Japan Shifts Vaccination Policy Against CCP Virus

On March 26th, the Japanese media reported several cases of vaccine sequelae in Japan and the shift in Japan’s vaccination policy against the CCP virus.

Among the cases of vaccine sequelae, there was a sport-loving high school student who could barely walk after the vaccination, which almost tore his family apart.

And in another case, a university teacher has experienced dizziness, difficulty sleeping, and slow brain response after vaccination.

In response, Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao, who has been reminding people to take the vaccine sequel seriously, once again said that he is against vaccinating children against the CCP virus. He also urged parents to protect their children and take the time to learn about viruses and vaccines and think carefully about the best option for their children before making any decision.

At present, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare still does not recognize the long-term side effects that people experience after the CCP virus vaccination as sequelae, but has called on local governments to actively provide treatment to nationals who experience long-term adverses after receiving the CCP virus vaccine. Meanwhile, the mayor of Izumi-Otsu, Osaka, has decided to cancel the issuance of vaccination certificates to households.

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