Eurojust Supports the setting up of a Joint Team to Investigate Russian War Crimes

On March 28, the Europe’s agency for criminal justice cooperation (Eurojust) said that it supported the setting up of a joint investigation team that announced last week to probe allegations of war crimes committed by Russia in its invasion of Ukraine.

It is reported that Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine signed an agreement last week to set up a team to investigate Russia’s potential war crimes and humanitarian crimes. The Eurojust issued a statement saying that the members participating in the team may be extended to other European Member States, third countries or other third parties. In addition, the statement stated that “the Eurojust will provide legal and technical assistance and support evidence gathering and sharing” and “the main aim of the Eurojust is to support the gathering of evidence and its swift and secure exchange between partners, as well as the transmission of information and evidence”.

It is also reported that the investigation team will also coordinate and cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC is the world’s permanent war crimes tribunal. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the tribunal has also launched its own investigation in Ukraine.

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