Tangping Coin Undergoing Technological Innovation, Owners Free to Enjoy the Wealth

In the Grand Live Broadcast on March 23rd, Miles Guo revealed that the Tangping Coin will undergo technical innovation to achieve true decentralization and circulate freely and securely around the world.

Miles said that currently the transaction cost of the second-generation digital currency is about $300, while the upcoming third-generation can be reduced to about $3. And the third-generation blockchain cryptography is expected to achieve quasi-quantum type, with swift speed, high accuracy and easy storage. At the same time, the transfer function will not be restricted by any geography or time, nor regulated by banks and governments: It will be truly decentralized.

Miles said that the Tangping Coin will return to the essence of money, whereas labor is wealth, wealth is enjoyment. In the future payment system, as a digital currency with great liquidity, Tangping Coin will cover the most commonly used life scenarios such as water, food and other daily necessities.

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