Police Violently Arrest Men for Failure to Take the CCP Virus Tests in Communist China

On Mar. 19, according to Gettr news, epidemic prevention officers and police officers forced home quarantined people to take the CCP Virus tests during the outbreak in many parts of Communist China.
The video shows a man living at home in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, who was forcibly arrested by local officers who tore open a banner to seal his door. The reason was that there was no record of the CCP Virus test for ten days. The epidemic prevention officer rudely interrupted the man and said ‘you have violated the law’, in spite of the man’s explaining that not having the CCP Virus test is not an illegal situation.
Another video was released in which four officers in protective clothing, five police officers and a female staff member, broke into a residential house and pressed a man on the ground. The man resisted and was taken out of the building with bare feet and his arms behind his back. The man’s accent in the video is unknown, but a police with Mandarin accent asked people to contact the man’s wife by phone.

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