Himalaya Exchange is committed to building the most secure and stable financial system

Miles Guo pointed out in the March 23rd broadcast that Himalaya Exchange eschews the control of wealth in today’s financial system, using strict legal KYC and the most advanced and stable crypto technology to guarantee wealth owners free and secure access to their legal assets.

After 9/11, the implementation of the Anti-Terrorism Act has caused various financial institutions as well as banks in the United States to use this as a reason to control wealth more and more severely. In Canada, the government cracked down on truck drivers who marched and froze their bank accounts; in Australia, police beat peaceful protesters for no reason, and so on.

Democracies control the private assets of individuals through banks and other financial institutions in order to control their activities. Dictatorial governments use the looting of people’s wealth to deny human rights and freedoms.

Miles Guo said that Himalaya Coin has risen more than 400 times in the five months since its launch and has not experienced huge fluctuations during the great shocks in digital currency markets around the world. What is even more surprising to the world’s financiers is the forward-looking, revolutionary design concept of Himalaya Pay, which uses a point-to-point payment method, extremely fast, secure and with a high degree of personal privacy, allowing for the hassle-free circulation of personal wealth from any corner of the world.

Himalaya Exchange is committed to creating a platform that is secure, stable, and free from government blackmail and control. Finally, Miles further explained that Himalaya Coin will also have smart features in the future to guide people to live an ethical life and know how to treat their wealth well. Himalaya Coin is to be a force for good and to keep away all evil.

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