The Ultimate Goal of the CCP was to Unite with Russia and Destroy the United States

On March 18th, Miles Guo revealed in a GETTR live broadcast that Han Zheng, the executive member of the Chinese Communist Party, told his close friends very clearly that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a plan that had been conspired for years, and that the so-called “resolute elimination” of the American Empire has been the consistent policy since the Eighteenth National Congress of the CCP, and an abrupt change in that policy is impossible.

Since Russia launched its war of aggression against Ukraine, the CCP has given Russia strong economic and military support. The CCP launched the Net Army to spread a lot of rhetoric glorifying the war of aggression, turning a blind eye to the war of suffering for the Ukrainian people. When the international community condemned and imposed sanctions on Russia, the CCP chose to side with Russia and helped Russia circumvent the financial blow after the cessation of SWIFT through the digital RMB trading system.Back in October 2017, Miles Guo revealed the CCP’s “3F Plan” in the U.S., which is to “foment weakness, chaos, and death,” warning the U.S. and other Western countries that darkness is coming. All the facts that have happened in the past five years have verified Miles’ message to the Western world. 

The Whistleblower Movement has earned the respect and trust of the West.Miles Guo revealed in a live broadcast on March 20th that he was recently attending intense meetings with several countries to discuss how to take down the CCP’s policies.

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