The huge difference between the pro-Soviet side of the CCP and the pro-American

In the Grand Live Broadcast on March 23, Miles Guo pointed out that all these CCP bastards in the history of China, were all possessed by the evil communist demon of the Soviet Union. The number of Chinese people massacred by the CCP far exceeds the number of Chinese who died in the war of Japanese aggression against China. 

There are pro-Soviet side and pro-American side at the top of the CCP. The huge differences and struggles between the two sides are the key factors leading to the direction of China. The pro-American side believes that China needs reform and opening up, while those who are pro-Soviet consider the people as their slaves. 

Historically, the Soviet Union has stolen large land of China, and plotted the splitting of Outer Mongolia from China. The Soviet Union also planned a surgical nuclear strike against China in an attempt to wipe the Chinese off the face of the earth, and it was the US that stopped it. Any pro-Soviet menber within the CCP is extremely hazardous.

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