Putin’s Certain Defeat in the Russia-Ukraine War

In a Grand Live Broadcast on March 20, 2022, Miles Guo talked about how there are three problems with Putin that would lead to his defeat in this Russia-Ukraine war. First of all, Putin’s main problem is that dictatorship and arrogance lead him to a completely unrealistic vision of the world. 

Second, Putin did not realize that the most important thing in the world now is technology, and that modern warfare is only related to technology, which Putin and Xi are ignorant of.Third, Musk can use technology to change the GPS codes of the missiles, so he dares to openly challenge Putin: no matter how secretly Putin launches his nuclear bombs, he has a way to make them go where they should. Miles Guo emphasized that Musk’s statement is significant and marks a complete change in the way humans wage war. 

According to a CCP military insider who spoke to Miles Guo, Musk’s remark caught the CCP turning pale at the news and forced an emergency meeting of the whole party to study countermeasures.

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