The CCP holds candle to the devil, Chinese are blamed for the culprit

In the grand live broadcast on March 23, Miles Guo conducted an in-depth analysis on the US President Biden’s statement that China did not provide weapons to Russia during the Russia-Ukraine war. Miles Guo pointed out that Biden’s statement is actually intended to emphasize that China has provided Russia with all support except weapons, including funds, food, communications, intelligence, etc.

Miles Guo said that although Qin Gang, the ambassador to the United States, repeatedly denied that China had provided military assistance to Russia in an interview with the American media, since all of China’s weapons technology comes from Russia. There are as many as 70 weapons factories in Heilongjiang, Mudanjiang and Yalujiang belong to Russia, and Russia does not need weapons from China. The essence of war is to burn money. Petrolization of the CNY, the challenge of the digital CNY to the United States, its help is far greater than the Russia-Ukraine war itself. 

Miles Guo warned that because of such close cooperation between China and Russia, Westerners have come to realize that China is the culprit, not just an accomplice of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and that Russia is only a manipulated scapegoat. The Russia-Ukraine war will put the Chinese in a miserable situation. This is an unbearable result for the Chinese.

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