Germany Seeks Gas Cooperation with Other Countries to Reduce Dependence on Russia

The international community has escalated sanctions and isolation again due to Russia over Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. According to foreign media sources, Germany is ready to end its 50-year-long energy relationship with Russia to avoid dependence on it for defense and diplomacy. Now it is actively seeking alternative sources of natural gas.

On March 16, Germany’s economy minister Robert Habeck visited Norway. Currently Norway is Germany’s second-largest source of natural gas, with a supply of 30%, after Russia. The two sides reached an agreement that Germany will get additional liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Norway’s Hammerfest field this summer while starting to study the possibility of a hydrogen connection pipeline.
On March 20, Habeck met in Doha with King Tamim of Qatar. Qatar is the world’s second-largest producer of LNG, after Australia. After the meeting, Habeck announced that the two sides had agreed on a long-term energy partnership, but he did not reveal the agreed volumes and the negotiation will begin soon. And Germany is ready to assist Qatar in building renewable energy sources.

After Qatar, Habeck will visit the United Arab Emirates to discuss cooperation between the two countries in green hydrogen energy.

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