Estonian Prime Minister Called for Collaborative Effort to End Russian Invasion

According to the Taiwanese media Liberty Times Net on Mar 21st, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas told CNN that Putin must not win this an aggressive war. She also said that all parties should cooperate to end this war.Kallas said Estonia is trying to do everything what we can to support and help Ukraine to fight this war. She believed that the NATO’s strategy should focus on ending the war by using smart containment. It means that the NATO should move from a deterrence posture to a secure defense posture. That is, NATO changed from deterrence to defense. In the meantime, all member states should strengthen NATO as a whole, focus on cooperation and isolate Russia at all the political levels.

On the issue whether NATO should deploy peacekeeping forces in Ukraine, Kallas said Russia had no intention of doing anything to achieve peace. In order to achieve peace, NATO must have the will to use military force.

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