Russian Experimental Equipment and Industrial Consumable were cut off Due to Sanctions

The global sanctions and isolation policies against Russia have come one after another after Russia invaded Ukraine.

According to media on March 17, the import of Russian consumables has dropped significantly, especially industrial raw materials, lab equipment, and computing resources.

The EU has banned exports to Russia of a wide range of technical equipment, including mass spectrometers and oscilloscopes. At the same time, the United States has banned the exports of semiconductors, computers, lasers and sensors to Russia.

In terms of technology enterprises, companies such as Thermo Fisher and Microsoft, Japanese instrument giant Shimadzu, lens maker Nikon, German optics giant Zeiss, and industrial software giant SAP have all suspended some or all of their business in Russia. Chipmakers Intel, AMD and Nvidia have also stopped selling to Russia.

Some Russian academics said their orders to many suppliers were either rejected or suspended for delivery. Due to the transportation and logistics suspension, it is also difficult for Russian researchers to obtain experimental instruments or materials from their international counterparts.

To purchase from China is not possible to solve Russian supply problem. Analysts believe that because China under the rule of CCP, the level of scientific instruments is far from the international advanced level, China itself needs to rely on imports for most of the equipment.

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