Unauthorized Modification in a Shanghai Hospital Triggered a Collective Strike of Nurse

According to Gettr news on March 21, a large-scale nurse strike happened in Shanghai Zhoupu Public Hospital that to protest the hospital leaders’ plan to convert the hospital into a quarantine camp without considering and ensuring the healthy safety and health of the nurses in the hospital.

It was known that Zhoupu Hospital is a public third-class hospital. It is only offering general diagnosis and treatment, not designated to meet the isolation standards for infectious diseases control. The hospital insiders broke the news that the hospital leaders hastily announced the plan without professional evaluation and reconstruction, the epidemic prevention conditions in the hospital were far from meeting the basic biosafety requirements.

According to a complaint from a nurse, the decision to convert the hospital into a quarantine one did not consider the safety of nurses at all. It is reported that the nurses are asked to enter dangerously polluted areas caring the patients while the hospital does not require doctors to do the same. In addition, the hospital executives also embezzled all the subsidies for nurses to go out for sampling, and the front-line nurses have not gotten a penny of subsidies so far.

This is another protest in the medical field following the Shanghai Sixth Hospital’s public dissatisfaction due to hospital’s arrangement last week.

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