Frontline Fellow Fighter Interviewed by “Taiwan+” English Media

In a Gettr video on March 22, Miles Guo said that the war correspondent Nicole from the frontline rescue team in Ukraine was interviewed by “Taiwan+”, the first English-language media in Taiwan for international audiences. Nicole said that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) supports democracy and freedom of the Taiwanese people and will always stand with the international righteous might.

In this interview, the Taiwan media clearly got to know that the Ukraine International Rescue Operation is sponsored by the Rule of Law Foundation, and the volunteers are people from the NFSC who love peace, freedom and the rule of law. They are providing humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian refugees and are committed to taking down the evil Chinese Communist Party.The interview also expressed concerns about the potential threat to the freedom and democracy that Taiwanese enjoy. Nicole expressed that if the CCP invades Taiwan, the international community will provide strong support for Taiwan, and the NFSC will also provide humanitarian aid to all those who have been suppressed and abused by the CCP. Nicole also emphasized that the more support the international community gives to the Ukrainian people, the less likely the CCP will commit atrocities. Eliminating the CCP is the only way to guarantee world peace, freedom and rule of law.”

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