To Be Preventable &Controllable In The CCP Are The People Not The Viruses

On the night of Jan. 2nd, there are two shocking videos on Gettr that were taken in Xi’an China. One of the videos shows that there are numerous medical workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) suits as well as a large number of buses, vans, and passenger cars cluster together in the high infected area of Xi’an such as the Urban Village. Another video shows groups of possibly the prevention teams’ personnel with PPE knocking door to door to perform PCR tests on all residents.

The Xi’an City government implemented key areas with PCR screenings which they test everyone by going door to door in the Urban Village and communities with higher concentrated cases in order to screen all residents and to know the total number of people.

Some mainland netizens commented that the government’s so-called “preventable and controllable” does not apply to viruses, it actually applies to us the people.
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