VICE False Report is Political Propaganda Manipulated by CCP

In his December 22 live broadcast, Miles Guo said that the false report by VICE on himself and the whistleblower movement fellow is merely to pave the path for the CCP successfully host the Winter Olympics. The CCP plans to collude with America in exchange for eliminating tarrifs. 

According to intelligence information, CCP authorities have completed a takeover of western media, and now occupy the command points of media to promote the Beijing Winter Olympics at any cost. The CCP will use forgiveness of debt as a bait , forcing many countries stand up in support of the Winter Olympics. Miles solemnly emphasized that after his live broadcast, any country supporting the Beijng 2022 Winter Olympics must have made an under the table deal with Beijing . 

In addition , the VICE falsely reported that the Whistleblower Movement is a cult, trying to make the whistleblower movement a scapegoat for any threats between China and the U. S. Mr. Guo also stated that US will certainly eliminate extra tarrifss, and more than US 200 athletes will attend the Beijing Winter Olympics . Thus, any organization that stands against the CCP will be considered a cult organization and any person against the Beijing Winter Olympics or against CCP’s massacres in Tibet, Xinjiang and Hongkong will be considered a rioter. This false report made by VICE is in fact a piece of political propaganda to destroy dissidence and promote the politics of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Angelina
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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