Communist Party Sends Female HBO Reporter to Defame Guo Wengui in Effort to Cover Up “White Collapse Plan”

The HBO reporter who interviewed Guo Wengui tried to portray the revelation that “the virus came from the Communist Party of China and that the Communist Party of China has a plan to destroy the White House” as misinformation spread by Guo Wengui, and tried to brand the followers of the New Federal State of China as “enemies of the United States. Such false accusations are tantamount to digging one’s own grave for a media outlet. When these false allegations are confirmed by the world, HBO and Vice will become enemies of the world and be buried along with the Chinese Communist Party. 

“Isobel’s expression and body language were very nervous when she said that.” Mr. Guo said and thought, “it was the right thing to do to accept their interview.” This is because they are fighting as a pack, as Mr. Guo’s presence brings out the forces behind the Chinese Communist Party and the West, such as Shan Weijian, Soros, Disney (Group), and Braxton. You know that Isabella’s interview and motivation is not “a Communist play”, but when you see the shareholder structure of HBO including Soros and others, you can see that this is a full and collective Communist action.” (1:52.03 timestamp) 

“This interview with Isobel would have destroyed the entire HBO,” Guo said. Because Breaking Revolution knows they make fake news, they have their own live footage from her interview. It will then be released in a comparative format so that people can see for themselves who is lying. Ask why they are lying.

Translated by: MOS Finance Team – Sunflower194
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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