Himalaya Alliance to Assist Whistleblower Movement with Lawsuit Against HBO Reporter Isobel Yeung

Brother Changdao, the head of the Himalaya Mountain of Spice (MOS) Farm, posted on Gettr the statement: “After communicating with Miss Abing, the head of the Himalaya DC Farm, we are all very upset to see that two of our brothers and sisters-in-arms who belong to our farms, were tricked into an interview and slandered as violent mobs by the HBO reporter and the CCTV host, Isobel Yeung. We realize that this will likely bring threats to their personal safety. I, on behalf of Himalaya MOS Farm, and Miss Abing, on behalf of Himalaya DC Farm, will assist and provide financial aid to our brother-in-arms Xiao Siji, and sister-in-arms Nicole to initiate legal proceedings to prosecute the female HBO reporter, Isobel Yeung.”Isobel Yeung, (Chinese name: Yang Beibei), who is a reporter for HBO, wormed her way into our brothers and sisters-in-arms trust by reporting on the issues of the Hong Kong Movement and the Xinjiang Concentration Camps. During the time of the latest American Presidential election, Isobel disguised herself under the pretense of interviewing for a documentary on the theme of “Why Chinese Americans support Trump”. She deceived our brothers and sisters-in-arms into accepting her interview on that day. When the broadcast she hosted eventually aired, its content focused on defaming Mr. Miles Guo and discrediting the Chinese-American brothers and sisters-in-arms of the Whistleblower Movement who participated in the peaceful parade, depicting them as “violent mobs”. This biased report inflicts serious negative impact on the psychological health of our brothers and sisters-in-arms and threatens their personal safety.

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Maverick
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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