Gen. Spalding Calls for United States’ Decoupling from the CCP

On December 7, retired Brigadier General Robert Spalding expressed on a Newsmax interview that U.S. government must target at data in order to make a stronger push back against the CCP. The U.S. military cannot only protect its physical border, but also the digital border and the data border, of which are being massively invaded by the CCP. In such way, the CCP having been infiltrating the U.S. political process and all the reason why Washington DC should focus on data. Consequently, he proposed that the U.S. government should comprehensively decouple from the CCP.The CCP’s ambition and grip in Big Data is well illustrated by its domestic and world footprint.Citing Kaifu Li, an AI expert who serves for the CCP, General Spalding said that “the CCP seeks to become the Saudi Arabia of data because the Communist regime believes the U.S. system can be changed internally by using their connections to us, both business and in data”. The CCP took advantage of every connection with America in finance, trade, economy, academia and Internet.“We need to decouple. They will use every connection to the United States to slowly unravel the social fabric that binds us together to create division and ultimately to get the outcomes it wants”. General Spalding, a former B-2 pilot, also warned that the CCP wants to influence the U.S government so that the US policies will only stay on political boycott, not going any further. And base on his research it is found that Beijing can exploit data to influence the U.S. political process in ways that go beyond what the Pentagon has developed in terms of weapons.

Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team – Accelerator
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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