Miles Guo’s New Song Creating a Historical Miracle Again

On December 14, Mr. Miles Guo once again reported the good news about his new song “HCoin to The Moon” hitting the charts to all his brothers and sisters around the world on Gettr: latest single “HCoin to The Moon” has topped the Billboard World Digital Songs Sales Chart for two consecutive weeks.

Meanwhile, the Music Video for the new song “HCoin to the moon” has been launched for just five days, and it has immediately topped on 18 Countries Top MV Charts, 16 Countries Rock MV Charts, 11 Countries Rock song Charts, and 7 countries Hip-pop/Rap song Charts. Previously, Miles Guo’s other songs, including “The Hero”, “Drinking Down the CCP”, “Fight for Hong Kong”, and “Take Down the CCP”, also did well on various “Billboard” charts.

Therewith, Miles Guo once again thanked all of his brothers and sisters around the world who participated in the song’s hit chart. Miles Guo’s also stressed the new song creating not only the best personal result for all of his singles, but also the best result for non-professional singers in the world’s most authoritative music charts, and yet another historical miracle for Chinese people in the world music scene that has never been seen before! He also exclaimed that the the Whistleblower Movement and New Federal State of China are proving to the world with our own actions the power and determination of our unity to take down the CCP!

Translated by: MOS Business Team – Xiaohui
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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