CCP’s Evil Rule Leads to a Wave of Unemployment

The last time was thirty years ago during the Zhu Rongji era, and now the tidal wave of unemployment in China has reappeared.

Recently, the CCP began to rectify the entertainment industry. iQIYI, a Chinese online video platform, has had to lay off employees to survive. There has been a major reduction in productions because the subject matter of film and television productions must follow the Party and are increasingly restricted. The layoffs range from about 20 to 40 percent, mainly among the middle and senior staff of iQIYI. At least nineteen other major Internet companies have also begun laying off employees.There are also a number of reasons for the massive increase in unemployment in China. The CCP’s embattled real estate has led to massive layoffs and is on the verge of closing down. Foreign companies leaving the mainland and moving their factories to other countries. The CCP’s crackdown on small and medium-sized private enterprises. The sudden double reduction policy in education and the regimentation of education and training companies. 

The CCP’s rectification of multinational e-commerce. The biochemical weapons created and released by the CCP. The epidemic has also led to the closure of the restaurant industry, including the announcement of the gradual shutdown of 300 stores by the end of the year by Hidilao.Under the rule of the evil CCP, mass unemployment has made people’s lives more difficult. In addition, it is estimated that the number of graduates will reach 10 million next year, and the unprecedented pressure of graduation can be imagined.

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