Rep. Gaetz said to use of Military Force to take out the Chinese assets in Cuba II

In fact, in Feb this year, Miles Guo exposed that Nicaragua, Bahamas and Cuba bay, where there were lots of CCP’s cargo ships docked, those cargo ships deployed CCP military weapons platforms. Underneath the cargo ships docked there, were modified with missiles, eavesdropping, tracking and diving facilities. The CCP is aggressively building its military chains on land, sea and sky for submarines and the air force. It offers money to those countries in exchange for building military bases. From Asia to Africa, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Bahamas, Iran, Azerbaijan, Nigeria and Tanzania, they have the CCP’s secret military bases. Miles warned Americans they must destroy these modified cargo ships and secret military bases before it is too late. Because of Guo’s intelligence on the CCP’s evil plots, the CCP would pay at any price to make him silence. He is the victim of the CCP’s infiltration of the DOJ and FBI, as he has been detained since 15 March without bail. The Congress must investigate his case to find out those CCP’s black hands in the America government.

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