CCP asked America to choose between dialogue and confrontation

Secretary of State Antony Blinken concluded his trip to China on 19 June with a Twitter post saying, “Concluded a candid, constructive round of talks with PRC leadership. The relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic of China is profoundly consequential. Direct diplomacy is the best way to advance US interests and values and responsibly manage competition.” After the meeting with Xi, Secretary Blinken said during a press conference Monday that the US does not support Taiwan independence.

However, negative comments flow on the social media about Secretary Blinken. They commented that Blinken was literally humiliated by China and compromised with the CCP. On his visit, Blinken lands in China with no red carpet, no greeting party and no high-level Chinese officials. During the meeting with Xi, the seating arrangement of Blinken was unusual diplomatic practice. An American columnist and author, Gordon Chang suggested that America should never have accepted this seating arrangement in the meeting, which makes him look like a supplicant.

The chairman of the select committee on the CCP, Rep. Mike Gallagher interviewed on Fox News TV program, he commented that China is choosing conflict rather than dialogue. China suggested America needs to choose between dialogue or confrontation. Rep. Gallagher said China one side is threatening Taiwan, one side is accused of genocide of Uyghurs and one side is still covering up the Covid virus from Wuhan lab to set for pandemic. It is absurd. “We have to push back on this message from the Chinese Communist Party that anything less than cooperation with the world order they desire is choosing conflict.”, said by Rep. Gallagher.

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