Media warned about the outbreak of mosquito-borne diseases while Gates & CCP partner to develop new drugs

Fox News reported on 18 June, American have to prepare for the mosquitoes borne diseases like the West Nile virus (WNV) this summer. Daily Mail UK also published an article on 14 June stating the world’s deadliest diseases are coming to the UK because of climate change. Mosquitos and ticks carrying viruses with death rates of up to 50% will make Britain home, experts warn MPs.

Now, the media across the world are warning about an outbreak of deadly mosquito-borne diseases that is coming. But, do you know that Bill Gates invested in mosquito farms and released millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in 2021? According to Axios, British company Oxitec which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, released a cloud of hundreds of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes to study how to control their reproduction and thus stop the spread of dengue, Zika, malaria, etc. Those millions of modified insects are around the world, including in Brazil and the Cayman Islands.

That is a coincidence that Bill Gates met China’s President Xi Jinping in Beijing on Friday, 16 June. One of the topics that they discussed was Global Health, both would be strengthened their partnership to develop drugs for mosquito borne diseases like malaria. In this China visit, Gates Foundation would pay 50 million in a research partnership with the Beijing Municipal Government and the city’s Tsinghua University, as known as the Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (GHDDI). Xi would match the foundation’s $50 million for drug and infectious disease research such as mosquitoes borne diseases malaria and tuberculosis in GHDDI. Gates emphasised the continent’s rising number of malaria cases, and China would play a significant role in improving health outcomes in other countries. He believed that will be outbreaks of those diseases soon, they developed drugs and vaccines to prevent those diseases.

Bill Gates also has eagerly to use mRNA vaccines into animals. On 14 June, Australia approved mandatory for Bill Gates mRNA Vaccines for all agriculture, the plan is to inject Bill Gates’ mRNA vaccines into all livestock destined for people’s dinner plates. It just reminds that his foundation’s Eco Health and Dr. Anthony Fauci funded the Wuhan lab to create Covid-19 virus to make the pandemic and promoted Covid vaccine mandates.

The No.1 CCP enemy, Miles Guo exposed that Bill Gates was one of the American businessmen colluded with the CCP, selling out America for money. Gates and the CCP have tied with lots of business. Microsoft is the only big tech firm still operating in China. Miles Guo exposed the CCP’s evil plots and the CCP would pay at any price to make him silence. He is the victim of the CCP’s infiltration of the DOJ and FBI, as he has been detained since 15 March without bail. The Congress must investigate his case to find out those CCP’s black hands in the America government.

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