One Belt One Road initiative aims at building CCP’s military base. South America is turning into CCP’S backyard I

China is expanding its economic power in Latin America, 《Financial Times》 reported on 24 May 2023, Ecuador’s president Guillermo Lasso signed a trade deal with China, and when he secured $1.4bn of debt relief last year, it was from Xi Jinping. According to media report, China is now the top trading partner of South America.

Chile, Costa Rica and Peru have free trade deals with Beijing, Ecuador inked its agreement this month and Panama and Uruguay are planning treaties. China has poured massive investments into the infrastructure, energy and financial sectors of Latin America in the past two decades. It also makes friends with those countries by financing or building roads, bridges and airports.

So far, over 20 Latin American and Caribbean nations have joined China’s One Belt One Road infrastructure initiative. China makes use of its corruption practice to bribe officials, to increase its influence, to orchestrate South America’s government to bid for the CCP’s benefit. The main reason for China’s presence in Latin America and the Caribbean nations, is to challenge the U.S. and tighten its grip on traditional America’s backyard, and eventually to set up CCP’s military bases in South America.

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