CCP backing Cartels use Fentanyl to kill babies, toddlers, young American II

During the hearing, Rep. Chip Roy talked about how the CCP engaged with Mexican cartels smuggling fentanyl by crossing the American border illegally. The intentional smuggling activities were well-established from sending drug substances, using equipment to make pills, and distributing them across America. Rep Roy pointed out that the American border patrols are unable to have full patrol of the boarders. The patrol is dealing with 4000 illegal migrants cases to process a day.

When there was in the past, dealing with 1000 cases a week was considered a crisis. It is not like the U.S. President said “it is better than you expected”. The representative of the New Federal State of China, Nicole, was interviewed at America First News. She explained to Americans how Fentanyl became a key part of the CCP’s 3F strategy to weaken America.

Miles Guo warned America that the CCP is planning several strategies to destroy America. Fentanyl is one of the weapons used to target young people in America. Now Miles Guo is a victim of the CCP’s infiltration into the DOJ and FBI and is being held without bail. If the US wants to defend itself against the CCP, they have to take Miles’ information seriously and investigate his prosecution.

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