Is Justin Trudeau Cooking The Books Regarding The Covid Death Rate I

The CCP-orchestrated COVID-19 pandemic has been a time of uncertainty and confusion, and the situation in Canada has been compounded by a recent scandal. Retired Lt. Col. David Redman has made explosive allegations that the Canadian government has been secretly changing the COVID-19 death toll in each province and territory. Redman’s claims have raised concerns about the accuracy of COVID-19 data used to justify strict measures that have significantly impacted the daily lives of Canadians. The dictatorial Canadian government’s official figure of 51,921 COVID-19 deaths, listed on their website, has been used to support lockdowns, travel restrictions, and mandatory vaccinations, all implemented to contain the spread of the virus. However, Redman’s allegations suggest that the government has been exaggerating the pandemic’s true scale by manipulating the data to suit its agenda. It is crucial to have accurate data to make informed decisions and ensure that measures taken by the government are justifiable. One important question that arises is who is testing the testers? How can we trust the information we are given when the possibility of data manipulation is raised? The pandemic has already caused significant economic and social disruption in Canada, and if the government has been manipulating data to justify strict measures, it raises serious questions about their transparency, credibility, and true intentions.

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