CCP spies transit to diplomats , CCP will release more virus and invade Taiwan

Ava urged America people to wake up, as the CCP is demon, they are anti-god, anti- human and anti-humanity. The CCP purposely released the bioweapon Covid-19 virus, killed more than 1 billion Chinese and 1 million Americans. On April 22, 2023, Bill Robinson program, Ava said Miles Guo repeatedly warned American, the CCP has long plan to eliminate America.

When it comes to the crucial time the world is about to find out the truth of the virus, the CCP would do two things to distract the world attention. One is to release more virus and the another is to invade Taiwan turning the world into the status of war. The recent leaked document from pentagon has verified many Miles Guo’s intelligence on his livestream , including the CCP has been funding Russia for Ukraine invasion from the beginning. They have been sending medical supply and weapons to Russia since starting the war. According to the “Wall Street Journal” on 30 Mar 2023 article ” China Is Sending Its Corruption Hunters to a Country Near You”, it wrote “Communist Party’s top antigraft body and other government offices tasked with tackling corruption have begun stationing officials in some Chinese embassies, where they would coordinate with foreign authorities on law-enforcement matters, among other duties, according to people familiar with the plan.”

Ava said this signified that the CCP knew the secret policing is doomed, therefore, they change their strategy to fan out so-called “evidence” for future court use, they prepared to transit the CCP spies to diplomats. That could explain the reasons why the New York ‘s court was instant bail out the two spies, because they knew what will happen next.

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