Nicole Was interviewed by RSBN: the U.S. justice system has been weaponized by the CCP

Nicole: Mr Miles Guo, the leader and the founder of the New Federal States of China, He dropped a bombshell 2 years ago. Remember 2 years ago, he warned the America that the CCP will do everything to stop President Trump from its 2024 presidential bid. So, this whole Trump’s indictment was orchestrated and planned by the Chinese Communist Party. So, this country’s justice system has been weaponized by the CCP. America politics has become one party’s game by the CCP. If we don’t stop the CCP, the CCP will determine who will be the next US President. America is now the Communist country. We need to save this country, now, now, now.

 Lady: Amen.

 Man: You think the majority of …

 Lady: The system has been hijacked by Communist regimes, that’s what’s happened here.

 Nicole: And that’s why they arrested Miles Guo and jailed him. Today Miles Guo’s bomb hearing is to be held right across from the street. They let all the criminals in New York walking the streets free, but they denied Miles Guo’s bail request. What kind of a 2-tiered justice system in this country?! This is a CCP country.

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