Deutsche Bank Colluding with the CCP Faces a Crisis

On March 24, the stock price of Deutsche Bank had fallen for 3 consecutive trading days and even fell by 14% at one point, since some investors were clearly jittery and continued to sell the stock of Deutsche Bank violently.

Deutsche Bank, the heart of Germany’s economy, is one of the country’s largest and most important lenders in Europe. It is now the latest global concern over the German bank following the forced firesale of Credit Suisse and the collapse of three U.S. banks.

The major shareholders of Deutsche Bank were Hainan Airlines (HNA) and Wang Qishan, which was revealed by Miles Guo in his live stream earlier. HNA is one of the companies that assist the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) senior officials and families in laundering money overseas, and Deutsche Bank was the biggest accomplice. Deutsche Bank is also a currency transaction bank colluding between the CCP and the Kuomintang in Taiwan.

The global financial crisis is emerging, which means that some banks around the world would go into crisis or even go bankrupt, according to Miles Guo. Especially banks like Deutsche Bank colluding with the CCP would be bound to fall.

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