Ukrainian Suicide Drones Destroyed $50 Million Russian Air Defense System

According to comprehensive media reports on March 19, the Ukrainian military released a video showing Ukrainian RAM II suicide drones accurately destroyed two sets of Russian Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile systems which are worth up to $50 million. A video released by the Ukrainian military news “Defense Express” shows that the Ukrainian military’s surveillance aircraft first spotted a Tor-M2 in the direction of Zaporizhzhya in southern Ukraine on March 15.

Then, another Tor-M2 was discovered while a RAM II suicide drone was dealing with this Russian air defense system, at once the Ukrainian military sent out another RAM II to attack and destroy them one after another.

The report mentioned that each Tor-M2 is estimated to be worth about 25 million U.S. dollars. It’ s reported that the Tor-M2 is an all-weather, tactical surface-to-air, anti-aircraft missile system. It can carry 16 9M338K single-stage solid-fuel missiles, which have higher target engagement range and accuracy, and reduce weight and size.

The maximum flight distance is 16 kilometers, the speed is about 1000 meters per second, and the strike height is about 10,000 metric air targets. Ukraine-made RAM II suicide drone is developed by a private manufacturer DeViRo and based on its Leleka-100 reconnaissance drone system, gross weight about 8kg including 3kg of explosives, can stay in the sky for about 55 minutes and fly up to 60kms range, and track and snipe targets in 30km with 1 meter of attacking accuracy, it can carry three kinds of ammunition, such as anti-tank bombs, thermobaric bombs and high-explosive bombs. Ukrainian drone have shown its great power in the Russia-Ukraine war.

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