South Korea, U.S. Hold Joint Drills to Mark 70th Anniversary of Alliance

According to media reports on March 22, the South Korean Ministry of National Defense stated on the 22nd that to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the South Korea-US alliance, the armistice agreement, and the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the military, various commemorative events, joint exercises, and international conferences will be held, including largest live-fire drills to send a warning message to North Korea. The report states that US forces stationed in South Korea will jointly participate in the South Korean military exercises, demonstrating overwhelming containment and response capabilities against North Korea.

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense particularly emphasized that in the face of the increasingly severe security scenario, such as North Korea’s escalating nuclear and missile threats, a variety of events will be planned to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the South Korea-US alliance, based on its strategic deterrence capabilities of the South Korean military and the solid South Korea-US joint defense posture.

Firstly, in June South Korea and US will hold largest live-fire drills, which have been carried out 11 times since its first implementation in 1977. According to source related to the South Korean Ministry of National Defense, this military operation, which assumes a real war situation, will have actual firepower limited to specific areas.

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