Music is the Weapon Helping the Whistleblower Movement to Destroy the Chinese Communist Party

The music video for “Papa” has a No. 1 chart record on the German hot music video chart and No.1 on the German pop music video chart. “Snow of Extinction” reached No. 1 on iTunes Cambodia and Macau rock songs chart. “Hcoin to the Moon” reached No. 1 on the hottest 100 in Macau and Hungary and No. 1 on the Hungary rock music video chart. “Chained Dream” reached No. 1 on iTunes Macau pop music video chart. In his live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo once again talked about his understanding of music.

He believes that whether you make music or sing, you shouldn’t be trapped by your profession or lack thereof. Being able to truly express your inner world will be good music and good songs. He complimented our three beautiful fellow fighters by saying, “I think the song “Lovesick Like a Little Ant” is the best song sung by the three of them. I have listened to it more than 100 times!”

These three fellow fighters used their beautiful song to express their pride in being the “little ants” of the Whistleblower Movement, but are doing a great job of exterminating the CCP. Their songs are true and touching, interpreting Mr. Guo’s musical philosophy.

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