Luc Despins Changed The Lock of Miles Guo’s Residence After the Suspicious Fire

On March 15, after Miles Guo’s residence on the 18th floor of The Sherry Netherland Hotel was raided by over one hundred FBI agents, a suspicious fire broke out the 18th floor after Miles was taken away for a few hours with only FBI agents at scene. Although this floor was severely damaged and pending for further investigation, on March 17, foreign media reported that several buyers are planning to buy this property. It was revealed that Luc A. Despins, a partner of Paul Hastings LLP, who is an exposed CCP proxy whose law firm is blessed with billions of dollars annually representing CCP State Owned Enterprises and failed to extort $250 million from Miles, immediately replaced the 18th floor apartment’s entry door with a new lock and a new password after the fire, and completely controlled the 18th floor. According to property registration, the 18th floor apartment belongs to Bravo Luck Limited, a company of Miles’ son, thus it does not belong to Mr. Guo. Despins’ disrespect for facts and violation of other people’s private property completely reveals that he conspired to plot against the apartment on the 18th floor at the behest of the CCP. Despins’ appointment as trustee in Miles’ bankruptcy, despite a huge conflict of interest, was suspicious and further confirms the infiltration and influence of the CCP in the U.S. judicial system. If Beijing can use state power against a Chinese dissident through a weaponized DOJ, SEC and mainstream media, no one is safe.

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