Beijing Wolf Warrior Diplomacy is Targeting Germany

On January 31st, US Trade Representative (USTR) published the 2022 Review of Notorious Markets, listing Communist China, Vietnam, India, Philippines, and a total of 18 countries, 33 markets and 39 online commercial platforms in the report. Tencent’s WeChat e-commerce ecosystem, Alibaba’s Taobao and Aliexpress, as well as Shopee based in Singapore, are included in the report for another time.Trade Representative Katherine Tai said that the review exposes notorious markets, which will play important role in fighting privacy and entities that disturb the market, eventually protecting America’s jobs and the economy. In the review, Communist China is listed as the biggest counterfeit product source. Most of the counterfeited products come from WeChat’s e-commerce platform, and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s turned a blind eye to regulating those platforms. In addition, the review also noted that over 75% of privacy or counterfeit product seized by US Customs and Border Protection came from mainland China or was transited via Hong Kong.

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